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Florida’s Best Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring Business. Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Broward County is dedicated to consistency, dignity, and perfection. Continue reading to learn about the difference. We care about our customers and your floors. The distinction is that we are dependable, punctual, and perform until your floors are flawless. Since we take pride in our work, we want our floors to be award-winning.

Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Broward County-Concrete Polishing

Sincerity is the only policy we follow, and we aim to finish all tasks with dignity. This is reflected in every aspect of our work, from suppliers to installers; our supply chain is built around the best goods that provide consistent performance.

We are continuously receiving certifications and using the most up-to-date products and tools to finish jobs in the shortest period while retaining professionalism and attention to detail. For us, this is a lifelong calling.

Differences Between Epoxy And Concrete Polishing

There are several distinctions between epoxy and concrete polishing. Epoxy flooring is resistant to water, has a non-slippery base, and can not be affected by a chemical spill. This is also the most popular commercial flooring form. In contrast to epoxy flooring, which can chip, concrete polishing provides a smooth and polished surface that does not peel or scratch. Concrete flooring enhances light reflectivity by 100% and reduces the accumulation of waste. In comparison to an epoxy floor, which may require additional cleaning products to remove dust and debris build-up, this type of floor can remain presentable and clean if properly maintained. One of the drawbacks of concrete polishing is that it is not suitable for a broken or pitted floor. A smooth concrete finish can also be stained by harsh chemicals.


There are many advantages of epoxy flooring and concrete polishing for a floor. One is that shiny concrete is aesthetically appealing. Polished concrete is visually appealing and can last for up to ten years if properly maintained. This style of flooring is also long-lasting and can withstand heavy machinery and vehicles, making it ideal for commercial facilities. Epoxy flooring can last three to five years and can handle heavy machinery and appliances. Furthermore, this type of flooring does not react to chemicals, making it an ideal floor for a chemical or lab facility. Since epoxy flooring conceals several flaws, environmental hazards may stay on the surface.

Polished Concrete Options

For each type of floor, we have a variety of choices. If you want an industrial look or just a supermarket-coated concrete, you have a lot of options based on the planned purpose and your preferences. These various polished concrete finishes provide a unique combination of reliability, high efficiency, and low maintenance. The level of the sheen of polished concrete floors (matte to high gloss finishes) depends on the diamond grit used. Aggregate exposure varies as well, from a cream finish (no exposure) to absolute aggregate exposure.

Cream polish

This is the smoothest finish a brushed concrete floor can produce. It also has the most continuous luster. Colored finishes can be quickly accomplished with a cream polish because it reliably and regularly adheres to stains and dyes.

Salt And Pepper Polish

This is the most common style of the polished concrete floor since it is the simplest to achieve. It adheres effortlessly to stained concrete and paints, resulting in a flawless shine. While minor flaws such as tiny holes and cracks may be noticeable until the floor is finished, they will help to produce a distinctive and polished appearance.

Aggregate polish

This is the least favored of all polished concrete forms. It is the most expensive to do because of certain additional methods. An aggregate polished concrete floor can achieve an exceptionally attractive appearance when installed by highly qualified installers. The style of polished concrete used is often determined by personal preference and function. In certain cases, the type of shine that can be obtained is determined by the state of the concrete floor. When coatings and glues must be removed, a cream polish is usually not possible. When glues and coats must be cleaned and ground, the cream polish must be removed as well. Clients must be aware of these limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honed concrete is the outdoor counterpart to the indoor Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) since the honed finish is less refined than the MPC. The Honed finish is perfect because it is slip prone because it is ground to a 60 or 120 grit. It has a penetrating sealer added to secure the concrete, which may be an invisible sealer (which does not affect the color of the concrete) or a color-enhancing sealer (which can enhance/darken the concrete). Mechanically Polished Concrete, on the other hand, is a more involved procedure that involves densifying and hardening the concrete before polishing it until it shines. This process, however, can be stopped at a matte finish or continued up to a semi- or high-gloss finish.

In general, it is not any more slippery than most hard flooring surfaces. However, if you add water to it, it will become slippery, just like any other hard surface. That is why we suggest for outdoor use to do either the Honed finish (matte only) or the Grind and Seal finish (matte or gloss). The Honed finish is naturally non-slip, and the Grind & Seal finish will have an anti-slip agent applied to the sealer. We can customize the anti-slip to your requirements, which means we can apply a lot or a little based on the outcome you require.

Generally speaking, Mechanically Polished Concrete is slip-resistant – but like many other flooring solutions, it can be slick when wet. If you want non-slip flooring, we prefer the Grind and Seal method of polished concrete or some form of a coating such as epoxy. We should apply grit to the top layer of these flooring options to have a non-slip finish. These are suitable for use in damp fields, near pools, recreational areas, and other commercial settings.

Industrial flooring must be heavy wearing, slip-resistant, solvent resistant, and long-lasting. With this in mind, we would usually consider an epoxy coating or polished concrete flooring – we are specialists in both, and it is better to contact one of our friendly workers to learn more.

Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Broward County floor specialists are the right people to call for epoxy flooring and polished concrete floor treatments. Our professional technicians have years of experience and can do an outstanding job on every floor surface. Call us now for a free estimate on one of our many advanced floor treatments!

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