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Metallic Epoxy Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Coatings

The gleaming reflection of metallic epoxy coatings brings a professional touch to your office that standard epoxy floor paint cannot match. Finally, the first step in the room with this sort of flooring system would have people gasping for air and asking what else you have in store for them, and this seems to be somewhat close to 3D flooring.

Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Broward County-southwest ranche FL

Epoxy Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Coatings

Paint’s ability to be painted in a variety of colors makes it appealing as a flooring choice. What color would you like your floor to be? Red or turquoise? These colors can be used to paint a floor, and each color family has hundreds of shades to choose from.

Epoxy Flake Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Coatings

When building an epoxy floor, facility managers do not have to pick between visual beauty and durability. Epoxy flake flooring is useful in a variety of industrial, consumer, and academic settings due to its easy-to-clean surfaces, scratch resistance, and hardness.

Liquid Marble Designer Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Floor Coatings

While we are all looking for ways to accomplish projects as cheaply and efficiently as possible, you must still ensure that reliability is not sacrificed. In Southwest Ranches, Florida, we work with integrity and will always follow through on our commitments without ever sacrificing quality for profit.

Concrete Polishing

You would want to go for an aggregate polish finish. Of all the polished concrete types, this is the least common. Because of the extra techniques used, it is the most costly. When assembled by highly skilled installers, an aggregate polished concrete floor will achieve an incredibly attractive look. Specific choice and purpose are often used to decide the type of polished concrete used.

Epoxy Quartz, Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings

If you need a durable and protected floor that can withstand even the harshest conditions, consider the quartz machine flooring built by us! This advanced multilayer flooring system adds slip resistance, strength, and elegance to any home or business, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Epoxy Countertop Coatings

Epoxy countertops come in a range of base and chip colors to match your existing furniture. Southwest Ranches, Garage Epoxy Floor Pros can adapt the hue of your epoxy countertops to your tastes. Enjoy the assurance that comes with knowing that the epoxy countertop installation service offered by us is of the highest quality. Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Southwest Ranches guarantees that the epoxy countertop installation can be done right the first time, on time, every time, by experienced epoxy countertop installers.

Liquid Marble Designer Countertop Coatings

Liquid marble kitchen countertops and bar tops are becoming increasingly popular. They are a more affordable choice than granite and quartz countertops. Taking care of epoxy countertops is straightforward and stress-free. Bacteria cannot get stuck beneath the dirt or in the seams because it is non-porous.

Metallic Epoxy Countertop Coatings

Metallic epoxy brings a different dimension to a material that is already intriguing. Like a prehistoric insect trapped in amber, the material is made up of metallic pigments found in a liquid epoxy mix. When the compound cures and settles, the pigments stay in place forever. By modifying the pigments before the epoxy fully recovers, an astute artist will create impressive compositions that scatter light in breathtaking ways.

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