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Metallic Epoxy Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Coatings

Metallic epoxy flooring coatings have been the most common coating systems, both in operation and online, due to the gleaming finishes they offer. To obtain various coatings, solvents, brushes, and blowers, they can be used to manipulate the material into drying in a certain manner. With the assistance of a professional contractor like Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Miramar, Florida, and the right tools, you can create finishes that look like clouds, waves, and lava.

Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Broward County-miramar FL

Epoxy Flake Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Coatings

Epoxy floors come in a variety of dimensions, textures, and colors to fit the needs of the consumer. Epoxy is well-known for its unrivaled longevity in high-use environments such as processing facilities, in addition to its use as a decorative medium. To learn more about the cost of epoxy floor coatings, contact us today, we provide services across Miramar, Florida.

Liquid Marble Designer Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Floor Coatings

At Garage Epoxy Floor Pros of Miramar Florida, we have a history of providing outstanding results for liquid marble epoxy floor coverings, and our systems are very adaptable and we provide them in satin, matt finishes, or high gloss. Quality Liquid Marble Designer Garage, Commercial, and Industrial Floor Coatings are installed by us.

Concrete Polishing

Epoxy and concrete polishing is distinct in many ways. Epoxy flooring is water-soluble, has a non-slippery foundation, and is impervious to chemical spills. This is the most common form of commercial flooring. Concrete polishing, in contrast to epoxy flooring, produces a clean and shiny surface that does not peel or scrape.

Epoxy Quartz, Commercial and Industrial Floor Coatings

Because of the vast range of texture and color options, decorative quartz system blends are consistently among the most common visual choices for epoxy floor systems. Color granules or color quartz granules dispersed around the floor coating can be used to provide a variety of visually pleasing solutions for almost any area, and it requires little maintenance.

Epoxy Countertop Coatings

Over a worn-out concrete, ceramic, laminate, or wood countertop, our customers will add an epoxy countertop. This produces a shiny, glossy finish that completely conceals the soil underneath. When treated properly, epoxy countertops have a long-lasting and stable foundation. They are water and moisture tolerant since they are non-porous. While the material is heat resistant, you should exercise caution and avoid setting hot pans and pots on it. If anything does happen to your countertop, we provide services across the Miramar, Florida area.

Liquid Marble Designer Countertop Coatings

Many kitchen and bathroom countertops, on the other hand, are prone to deterioration over time or maybe become outdated. To keep your home looking new for as long as possible, you can invest in a high-quality countertop coating. Our countertop coating is a great way to bring your countertops back to life in a cost-effective and high-quality way.

Metallic Epoxy Countertop Coatings

Epoxy does not necessarily come with prefabricated slabs that you can order and get installed in your kitchen or bathroom, unlike laminate, granite, or quartz countertops. It is something of a refinishing tool that comes in the form of an epoxy countertops kit that you can buy and use to polish up an old installation. Epoxy countertops that have already been installed are affordable, but they are very costly.

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